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Stories and Puppets at the Gaume Museum


Rue d'Arlon 38
Virton (Virton)
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The Frère Jacques theatre company offers a choice of shows, performed in the vaulted cellars of the museum, or they can come to you to perform. Most of their shows are inspired by the legends of the Gaume region:
The Four Sons of Aymon: The four brothers and their horse, Bayard, along with the magician, Maugis, fled the wrath of Charlemagne through the Gaume forest.
The white lady of Montauban: For centuries, she has guarded the treasure swallowed up by the castle.
The adventures of Djean d⤙Mady: Since the 17th century this lively and outgoing musician has been the talk of Gaume. For example, how he avoided becoming a wolf⤙s dinner.
The Gaume fairies: They haunt the grottoes around Croix-Rouge and play thousands of tricks on visitors.
Le Daru: It starts with the hunt for a mythical animal, part caterpillar, part dragon. Has anyone really seen it?
Who is the hunter and who the hunted?
The secret of Mamadou: In a Congolese village, a little girl is very sad. A neighbouring tribe has pillaged her village. She asks her mother if she can go to midnight mass at the neighbouring mission. On the way, Mamadou hears the cries of a baby coming from behind a tree. She hurries towards it and sees a tiny baby. She thinks she has found the little baby Jesus. The siege of Montmédy: With help from only a handful of supporters, Jean d⤙Allamont held off all the armies of the powerful Sun King.