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Chiny forest


Chiny (Chiny)
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Surrounded by many hectares of forest (3,300 hectares of beautiful beech trees and conifers), the town of Chiny offers tourists hundreds of kilometres of signposted walks.
The forestry estate belongs to the Counts of Chiny, and is known as the great forest of Chiny, extending from the Semois river to the west of the Chateau des Epioux, up to Civanne in the east. The Semois alluvial plane forms the southernmost limit, while to the north, the estate ends at the current edge of the Chiny commune territorial limits, just a bit further north than Suxy and the Notre-Dame crossroads. The wooded part running along the Semois river forms what they call the aisances (easements). It also contains Hoyvet wood and the Petite Haie de Corbuha wood. These aisances were very quickly handed over to the communities of Assenois, Chiny, Straimont and Suxy. This was probably because they were set free by the Beaumont law. In Hat wood there are straight ditches that delineate the parts allocated to each village when they were finally shared in 1893.
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