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The arboretum


Virton (Virton)
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Location and access :
The arboretum is situated in the district of Virton, more exactly at the crossroads of Virton and Etalle with the way leading to ?La Vallée de Rabais?.
Access for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists is easy as the arboretum is along two asphalted roads with a cycle lane. Cars have a parking place nearby.

History :
The arboretum of Virton was created in 1915 by the town of Virton.
At the end of the 17th century, collectors had started to take an interest in exotic woody species. Then they gathered those species in some parks and botanical gardens. Afterwards forest wardens realized the importance of some species as wood producers.


Arboretum definition
« Park devoted to experimental culture in the middle of trees and shrubs belonging to different species generally exotic, in order to study their behavior. An arboretum gathers a set of trees and shrubs in which each of them is labeled with their common and scientific names, as well as their original continent. Its objective is at once scientific, educational and aesthetic. Species are classified either by family, by environmental station or by geographical origins. »

There are three kinds of arboretums:
- The arboretum of collection gathers as many species as possible by systematic affinities. Species are planted on small places which of the surface area must be wide enough to allow for an adult tree to grow.
- The forest arboretum as strictly called, does not only have species able to help for the woods production. Plots are at least a few ares wide and must allow to enjoy the behavior of the species in populating as well as their variability.
- The geographical arboretum, as its name says, gathers woody species by their geographical affinity, by creating breeds of species features from the same kind of forest.