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Gaume Paintball Club ASBL (not-for-profit organisation)


Rue de Choupa 39
Saint-Léger (Saint-Léger)
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The Gaume Paintball Club was set up in January 2006, and is a not-for profit paintball sports organisation based in our beautiful Gaume region. Our purpose is to develop fair-play, a team spirit, tactics, improve people?s fitness levels and teach them to handle themselves in stressful situations, all while respecting the flora and fauna of the places explored.
Our goal:
- To develop paintball as a full sport. This is why we have set up a not-for-profit organisation to promote the sport.
- To teach you about paintball in taster sessions, hoping that you will then become one of our members.
In order to reach your allocated goal you will need to work out your location, concentrate, move to different locations and hide.
Would you like to take part in a sporting activity that is intense, tactical and physical, but one that brings you close to nature and is not very common in Gaume? Would you like to spend some memorable moments with your colleagues, friends or your family? What are you waiting for, come and learn about our sport.