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‘La Plate dessous les Monts’ nature reserve


Tintigny (Tintigny)
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Location and access Straddling the regions of Etalle and Tintigny, ‘La Plate dessous les Monts’ (the plane below the mountains) Belgian ornithological nature reserve, is situated in the triangle formed by the villages of Villers/Semois, Ansart and Harinsart. Access to the reserve is restricted to guided visits scheduled in advance and advertised in Réserves Naturelles magazine. Visits are also available on request. Access for scientists is subject to authorisation. The Maurice Grevisse marked footpath (named after the famous Belgian grammarian), is part of the TARPAN slow walk network, and crosses a public footpath along the northern edge of the reserve. The circuit runs for 7 km, starting from the fountain at Rulles, and offers a very beautiful view of the reserve and the surrounding areas.