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Ilet pond


Etalle (Etalle)
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1. Location and access

the site of Ilet is around the N 83 road, at the roundabout after Etalle towards Florenville.

No access to the pond sides, except for the two observatories, so that you don’t disturb the many birds which come there especially during nesting periods and to preserve a rest place for migratory birds.

2. Status of the site
At the beginning of the nineties, the district of Etalle purchased 48 ha. of the site, in order to develop them. The main target was to reinstate the ancient pond of Etalle which had been drained during the 18th century. The site has been partially remade under water and a fish ladder has been put in.

The whole of the place has been recognized green zone for the sector plan. Fishing and hunting are not allowed except for boar destruction.
Supervision is operated by agents from the Nature and Forests Division.