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Nature Reserve Raymond Mayné


Torgny (Rouvroy)
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Situated north of the village and facing south, the nature reserve stretches on a nearly-six-hectare surface; it belongs to the association “Ardenne et Gaume” and to the district of Rouvroy. It enjoys a warm and dry climate and consists of old quarries, limy lawns and thickets.
The limy lawn is called “truche” by Gaume’s farmers. This word mentions the drought and aridity of the ground. It is characterized by the predominance of shot herbaceous plants. The limy lawn results from the deforestation, the three-year crop rotation, the pasture extensive on the fallows and from the burning of grasses by common fires at the end of winter.
The giving up of those ancestral agro-pastorals practices leads inevitably the limy lawns to a natural bush-covering, which the reserve managers try to lessen.
Nowadays still, we can discover a fauna and a flora similar to those we find in Mediterranean countries: cicadas, grasshoppers, praying mantises, butterflies, lizards, grass snakes, orchids and other rare plants.