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Chateau Renaud, the ruins of a Roman refuge


Croix-Rouge (Virton)
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Numerous coins and sculpted tablets have been found among the ruins of a late-Empire Roman refuge (3rd century), as well as a very beautiful Cupid, now all preserved in the Gaume museum at Virton. Chateau Renaud is also linked to the legend of the four sons of Aymon. A popular tale during the Middle Ages, legend tells of the 4 sons of Duke Aymon, pursued through the mysterious Ardennes forest by Charlemagne in his relentless quest for vengeance against the oldest son, Renault, who had killed Charlemagne’s nephew during a brawl.
All four sons, Renault, Allard, Richard and Guichard, fled on their magic horse, Bayard, crossing the Meuse in one gigantic bound. Charlemagne’s anger was only appeased with the sacrifice of Bayard, who was thrown into the Meuse. However, the noble steed survived and they say that sometimes, on moonless nights, he haunts the Ardennes forest.