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Our trails

Whether you’re a fan of architecture, history, adventures, nature or gastronomy, come and explore our beautiful “Lorraine Gaumaise” region by going on one of our many trails, including “Farms & Chocolate”, “Butterflies, Orchids and Landscapes”, “Medicinal plants and Remarkable Architecture”, although many other topics are also covered.
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    Must-see tour

    10h00 – 11h45: Visit the town of Virton and the Gaume museumFrom the 11th to 18th centuries, Virton was a fortified town encircled by 12 towers and with two entrance gates. As you wander around you ...

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    ‘Escape’ tour

    10h00 – 12h00: Visit Montmédy citadel and try out an orienteering path or treasure huntFrom the summit of the citadel, you can soak up the timeless atmosphere of the ramparts and its unassailable vi...

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    ‘Magical nature’ tour

    10h00 – 12h00: Explore the natural beauty of the forest between Ardennes and Gaume, along the Semois river to Sainte-Cécile Or visit to the village of Chassepierre- View point- Fairies’ den- Local ...

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    ‘Military history tour’

    10h00 – 11h45: Visit to the Baillet-Latour museum and the war museum in Gaume- History of the village of Latour- History of the Baillet-Latour family and their chateau- The 24 August 1914 room- The ...

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    ‘Medicinal plants and amazing architecture’ tour

    10h00 – 11h30: Visit to the village of Gérouville- The history of the village- The church- The linden tree- Architecture Or visit the garden of medicinal plants and the museum of traditional medici...

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    ‘Landscape Tour’

    This tour offers you a magnificent visual spectacle in shades of a thousand pastel hues. A visit to the Centre d’Interprétation du Paysage (Countryside Discovery Centre) will show you the local land...

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    ‘Sacred Arts’ tour

    10h00 – 11h30: Visit to the Avioth BasilicaThe Gothic basilica at Avioth dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries, and is remarkable for its fiigree stonework and superb period furniture. The ‘Rece...

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    ‘From cottage to castle’ tour

    10h00 – 12h00: Visit to the Gaume Museum at Virton- The region and its landscape- Its people- Its houses- Its customs, folklore- Its history: the Roman era, the Middle Ages, the 18th and 19th centur...

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    ‘A toast between friends’ tour

    10h00 – 11h45: Visit to Orval Abbey and its Beer MuseumOrval Abbey is one of Belgium’s most remarkable Cistercian abbeys. A community of monks still live there, producing the famous Orval beer. Ther...

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