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Torgny festival of arts and crafts


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Every year, as has been the tradition for many years, the Tourist Information Centre organises a unique festival on the third Sunday in July in the south of Gaume. This festival brings together over a hundred artists and craftspeople all over the country and from nearby France.
The streets leading up to the village are lined with stalls housing sculptors, lace makers, potters, cord makers, blacksmiths, basket makers, decorative crafts and metalworkers, cane chair makers, etc., all those people who skilfully use their hands to create small objects right in front of you.
With its ‘tasty eats’ and wine growers' sections, you will soon realise that the fair has plenty of food and drink as well!
Art and music make a fine mix, Torgny’s streets and squares resound with this very special type of entertainment. Groups of musicians and folklore groups mingle with the public. It is a joy to wander around, meet people, listen, discover and maybe buy something or just simply to have a tasty nibble.