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Fête du Cabu


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During the first weekend in August, the village of Mussy-La-Ville holds its Fête du Cabu, a festival rooted in market garden traditions dating back to the 19th century.
Taking advantage of the fact that they enjoy more sunshine than anywhere else, the ‘hottis’ or basket-carriers, travel to the markets around the region to sell the vegetables they have picked before the other vendors.
Among their produce is the famous white cabbage, the cabu, which gets its name from the people who live there and the festival. It is also the main ingredient of a local dish, cooked with potatoes and lamb.
The cabbage is the star of the show. Volunteers chop up 700 kg of it. In the kitchen at the village hall, the dish cooks for hours in large pots with lard and spices until they combine and take on a pinkish hue.   
Over 1,250 meals will be served up on the Saturday and Sunday. But the heart of the festival is still the competition to find the person who can eat the most Cabu, and this is held on Sunday at around 18h00.  
The competition rules state that the winner is the person who can wolf down over 2 kg in 20 minutes. With a full belly, he will be crowned King of the Cabu.
For 3 days, Mussy hosts the most entertaining weekend of the year, with a concert, a dance, shows and entertainment. Don’t miss it!