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The Avioth Basilica


Place de l'Abbé Delhotel

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The pilgrimage to Notre-Dame du Mont-Carmel festival takes place on 16th July. Avioth is the site of an age-old pilgrimage (beginning in the 12th century), and the origin for building the very grandiose church of Notre-Dame d’Avioth. A masterpiece of high Gothic-style art, this church was erected in the second half of the 13th century. Famous for its filigree stonework and its Madonna, the ‘Recevresse’, a small alcove in front of the church, the only one of its type. The ‘Cathédrale des Champs’ has been listed as a historic monument since 1840 and recognised as a basilica since 1993.   
Every year, the village holds various major events around the Basilica. On the 3rd Sunday in July: the Artists of Avioth fair, for artists and craftspeople; and on the 2nd weekend in December: the Christmas Village.